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David Hansen graduated from Texas State University, in 2003, with a BS in Digital and Photographic Imagining. After graduation, he worked with several commercial and portrait photographers before landing at at a stock photography agency, capturing images for various brands.

During the 2008 Olympic Games,Dave came to Beijing to shoot his own personal work. Mesmerized by the city’s ancient charm, Dave decided to stay. Due to his years of experience shooting portraits and products; his portfolio includes commercial clients like IT brands CANON, SONY, DELL, HP, HTC, MOTO, and BENQ, as well as media and advertising outlets, PR companies, and educational institutions.

Dave focused primarily on commercial projects until 2010 when the birth of his eldest child completely changed his career in photography. As a first-time father, Dave wanted to capture every moment of his newborn son’s life. Feeling a new kind of love and passion for photography, Dave began photographing other children. In the four years that separate the births of his two sons, Dave has taken photos of hundreds of children.

As Dave’s reputation for high-quality photos and hard work spread, well-known print media like Beijingkids, Jingkids, and Parenting Science asked him to start photographing the covers of their magazines. Thanks to Dave’s continuous improvement of craftsmanship, they have been collaborating for over 6 years now. Expat families, foreign embassies, large international companies, and several children's clothing brands have also become Dave’s loyal customers.

With the continuous expansion of Dave’s team, and team members gaining more professional experience, Dave founded Dave’s Studio. Since creating the studio, Dave has established even more partnerships, including international schools in Beijing and Shanghai. Currently, Dave’s Studio works with various international schools and private schools in China, shooting yearbook portraits, school activities, and advertisements for school brochures and local magazines.

Dave’s Studio has an extensive collection of work ranging from children and family portraits, business portraits and corporate events, and commercial/advertising work. Dave’s Studio also has experience with fashion brands, hotels, restaurants, and food styling. Dave’s Studio is used exclusively to photograph events for BMW China and The British Racing Festival. Dave’s Studio is now also providing videography services.

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